Southwest Kansas is well known for its excellent pheasant and deer hunting. It’s a place where small-town folks still greet you with a friendly smile and a firm handshake. Plains, KS is a farming community located in Meade County, and it’s the place we call “home”.

We are a small, family-run outfit. Nancy and I started Flying W Pheasant and Whitetail Outfitters when our kids were very young. Today our kids are fully grown, have spouses and kids of their own. We are blessed to have them close to home and part of the Flying W Pheasant Ranch operation.

Growing up being host to hunters, hunting season was just part of a western Kansas farm boys’ childhood. Not only did a young Kansas boy get to experience the thrill of hunting Kansas whitetail and mule deer, they also got to share in the complete experience of hunting season; from Mom having a kitchen full of food to a basement full of hunters, hunting season has always been special.newspaperclippling

Looking toward the future in 1989, we could see that if hunters wanted to continue their passion, there would be a need for what we had to offer. Wow, were we right! Through the course of the past 25 years we have been so blessed to meet many wonderful hunters from coast to coast. Sharing the same passion for hunting pheasant and deer, many of our hunts have blossomed into long-term friendships with the same hunters returning year after year.

So check us out and when you have found the hunt that fits you and your buddies best, give us a call. We promise to make this more than just a hunt, you’ll have the opportunity to experience hunting the way it was supposed to be and you’ll leave repeating the same thing we’ve heard from so many hunters over the years: “This is what we’ve been looking for, after so many years, we don’t need to look any further.”