Whitetail Hunting

deer1Our deer hunts are mainly trophy hunts, although management deer may be taken. We hunt in units 18 and 16 in southwest and south central Kansas. These units are both great trophy deer units. Unit 16 has been advertised nationwide in whitetail publications as the hottest whitetail spot in the nation. Although we agree with this proclamation, we also feel that unit 18 is equal in terms of producing trophy whitetail deer.

All of our ranches are family-owned and exclusively hunted by Flying W Outfitters. You’ll enjoy a diverse experience from hunting in ground blinds, tree stands, spotting and stalking, etc. We manage the habitat to produce healthy deer and trophy whitetail bucks. You’ll hunt over grain fields, winter wheat, alfalfa, river bottom, timber lines, native and CRP grass.

Trophy deer come from good geneticsdeer7, strong buck-to-doe ratios, good nutrition and excellent, natural mineral resources. Together, these four elements will produce large bodied, heavy antlered, mature whitetail deer. We understand the science behind producing trophy whitetail deer, and coupled with many years of experience – it shows.

Mature does on our whitetail property will range from 150 to 200 pounds, 250 to 325 pounds for bucks. We are very proud of our ranches and we see our conservation efforts pay off year-in and year-out. The proof is in the product as our hunters annually harvest big, mature, trophy whitetail bucks.

We’ve been fortunate over the years to acquire property that sports outstanding bow, muzzleloader and rifle hunting areas. As you know, choosing to hunt deer with a bow, muzzleloader or a rifle is as unique to the individual as the sport itself. We understand this passion, and it’s reflected in the experience of our guides.

2016 Rates

Hunting packages:

  • 5-day rifle hunt: $4,500
  • 6-day muzzleloader hunt $4,000
  • 6-day bow hunt: $4,000
  • Trophy fees: $50 per point over 160 points

Each package includes:

  • Lodging and 3 meals per day
  • Fully or semi-guided hunts: 1-to-1 or 2-to-1
  • Field dressing of deer and delivery to processor

We ask for 50% deposit at booking.

Kansas hunting requires drawing a tag. This has changed significantly the last few years. Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks has added a lot more non-resident tags. Some years there are left over tags. We can help you with the application process.

Whitetail Photo Gallery